College Kids Having To Return Home? 5 Ways Self Storage Helps

Have your grown kids returned from college for the foreseeable future? With most schools closed through the summer and even contemplating an online-only strategy for the new academic year, many parents are welcoming their adult children back to the nest.

If you find yourself in this situation, one thing that can help is self storage facilities. Why? Here are just a few of the ways these units will make everyone's life easier.

1. Store Redundant Furnishings. A college student who was living on their own may have accumulated many of the tools of daily living — such as beds, chairs, kitchen tools, microwaves, televisions, or sofas — that aren't necessary in your home. Put those unneeded items into storage to avoid cluttering up your house.

2. Keep Things Separate. If everything your college-age child owns comes into your house, will it get mixed in with yours? In a large and thriving household, this is very likely. That may even cause some friction between siblings who are forced to live together once again. One easy way to avoid problems over possessions is to separate the new arrival's things from the 'free for all' household goods.

3. Maximizing Home Usage. If more people will be living at home for a while — and especially if you have to self-isolate under future 'lockdown' orders — you need maximum use of the home. Reducing usable space by adding a lot of unneeded belongings is a quick way to more frustration and problems between siblings or parents and children. Be democratic about it and decide as a family what could be stored offsite to save space.

4. Store Bulk Items. With more people in the house, you'll need more supplies. Many Americans are already buying some goods in bulk even without extra family returning home. A small storage unit gives you the space to buy in bulk, store excess pantry goods, and stock up when deliveries are made available. 

5. Maintain Your Child's Privacy. Did your adult child get used to living in their own space at college? Then it may be difficult for them to feel that they have to revert to living in their old bedroom under your roof. Even something simple like having their own storage space allows these young adults privacy and a feeling of independence from supervision. Not only does this help their mental health during the pandemic but it also reduces drama. 

Would your family benefit from any of these perks of a storage unit? No matter what your needs, 2020 will undoubtedly be improved as you and your grown children make use of this simple tool to weather an unprecedented time.